Artist: Robert Rex Waller, Jr.
Hometown: Rochester, MN
Latest Album: Fancy Free
Personal Nicknames: Rob. Rex. Bobby. Waldebeast. Professor. Dad.

What was the first record you ever bought with your own money?
Night Ranger, Midnight Madness

How many unread emails or texts currently fill your inbox?
13. I always keep 13 unread at all times. I also always leave one dirty dish in the sink when doing dishes. Superstitious, I guess.

If your life were a movie, which songs would be on the soundtrack?
“She Belongs to Me” — Bob Dylan, “Waterloo Sunset” — The Kinks, “Road to Gila Bend” — Los Lobos, “Black Rose” — Waylon Jennings, “Volver Volver” — Vicente Hernandez, “Zamboni” — Gear Daddies.


What brand of jeans do you wear?

What’s your favorite word?
Petrichor — the pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a long spell of dry weather. Learned that word from Paul Marshall.

If you were a liquor, what would you be?
Probably Scotch, but lately tequila.

Fate or free will?
Fate. Free will is meaningless, useless, and non-existent.

Chocolate or vanilla?
Easy, chocolate. Dark chocolate and lots of it in any form: bar, sauce, ice cream, cake, etc.

Blues or bluegrass?
Tough one. Blues or Bluegrass. Hmmm. The Hawks used to play a game in the van called Bluegrass Marathon. We’d put the XM bluegrass station on and see how long we could last. We’d go hours before somebody lost it. But those miles, those hours added up. So I guess I’m going to say blues.